Monday, May 16, 2011


Off The Hip magazine is currently taking a break but will return in the not to distant future. All issues besides #1 are still available.

This 56 page issue is crammed pack with articles and interviews. Featuring: You Am I, Thee Billy Childish, Deniz Tek, The Double Agents, Starky - Tour Diary, The Booby Traps, The Resonars, Dollar Bar, Groundswell, The Singles, The Fevers, + Over 50 reviews! Plus 14 track bonus CD!

Issue 4 sees more great articles and interviews with your favourite bands including: Even, Peabody, Superscope, Nudge 'Em All, Detroit Scene, Asteroid B-612, The Smallgoods, Nuggets Phenomenon, Dom Mariani. Plus a cool 11 track CD!

Featuring: Citrus, The Hekawis, Shutterspeed, The Naked Eye, Strange Sydney, Dom Mariani Pt 1, A Diary by Mr Funter and CD Reviews. Plus 10 track bonus CD.

This issue sees more great articles and interviews including: The Intercontinental Playboys (Interview), The High Society (Interview), Michael Carpenter (Interview), The Starlings (Article), Rocket Science (Interview), The Alohas (Article), Chevelles pt. 2 (Article), Ian Underwood pt. 2 (Article), P76 (Interview plus Tour Diary) and CD Reviews. Plus 10 track bonus CD.

The first issue of Off The Hip introduced a stunning collection of articles and interviews with your favourites bands including: The Chevelles pt. 1, The Spoilers, Hands of Time, Ian Underwood pt. 1, Thurston Howlers, Full Toss Records, Insomniacs, Plus CD reviews. With bonus 10 track CD!

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